Results of the games…

My bags were 20kg for the suitcase and 18kg for my backpack…

Who’s the winner ??

…………………………….. Clairette !!! Congratulations !!


The temperature when I landed in Helsinki Last Thursday was -15degrees… Not too bad ! Not less than what you actually have in France 🙂

Now it is around -15 and +2 everyday, a little bit of snow every where and icy roads and foot paths… but the spike tyres are useful !

The winner of this second game is……….

……………………………………………… Oops, there are 2 winners… Véro and Claire Tabary !!! you are still quite far of the real temperature, but that was the game!

For the winners, I will find something special… and of course, even if you have not won these games, you are invited to come and visit me here, and try the sauna !!

A last thing : I have a house, I have a mail box, but I didn’t gave my adress to anyone ! So, I would love to have some mail / letters / postcards / packs… 🙂 from everywhere !

Agnes Khyn
Konstinkatu 3 i
26100 Rauma
Finland / Suomi

My house from outside !

Thanks to Tomtom and Clairette who had the idea of publishing their adress on their website to receive some letters 😉

 I am waiting for your mails !!


5 thoughts on “Results of the games…

  1. Chouis trop forte. Happy to be the winner at least for the first game !!
    How was your first week ? I hope you’re not as tired as I am after trying to speek english all day long for one week…

  2. c’est marrant, la photo de chez toi, on dirait qu’il n’y a qu’une façade, comme dans les films. C’est ton vélo devant?. Et moi qui ne gagne jamais rien, là je suis épatée, eh oh, j’avais dit -20°, ce n’est quand même pas si loin que ça du compte réel, non mais…Nous, c’est à n’y rien comprendre, c’est presque le printemps aujourd’hui. Tu nous diras comment s’est passée ta première semaine? as-tu abusé de la vodka à la réglisse dans le sauna?

    • Oui c’est “mon” vélo… et une maison ça n’a pas qu’une facade, mais quand tu prends une photo tu es toujours que d’un seul côté à la fois 😀
      Non pas d’abus 😉 et pour la première semaine ça y est j’ai écris l’article !

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