Quick news…

…. but not much to say, I am working all week, so not really a lot of things to say…

Last Sunday, I went walking on the frozen sea from the beach… not too much, because it was quite soft and melting…but interesting feeling to walk on “water”!

That is the sea ! (and a hole in the ice...)

I ordered my slats on Ikea website last week, do you remember ? I still dont have them ! I called this morning and they said i might have them next Friday… 🙂 Ikea is great !!! I am still sleeping on the floor in my bedroom…

When the days at work were over, we had this week some beautiful sunsets from the car park…  but no pictures for now because it is supposed to be not allowed on site ! Another time maybe…

I had the opportunity to ride my bike on ice, on snow and of course on melting deep ice/snow/ water… I would say it is pretty dangerous an i almost fell few times but i am still entire !! For this week, Agnes : 1 , Snow : 0.

Not more local alcool testing neither, that was a “boring” week 😉

But still sauna as much as I can…

That’s it for the last week, maybe more interesting stuff next week !


4 thoughts on “Quick news…

  1. moi qui commençait à penser que ma froginette préférée était congelée au bord d’une mer glacée tout là-haut dans le Nord. Nous, nous avons vu nos premières Primevères, na! J’aurais pu te le dire, que c’est un peu dangereux de rouler en deux roues sur la neige, j’en connais un rayon, côté gamelles en vélo. Mais bon, un p’tit coup à boire et il n’y paraît plus. Ah, ça doit être pour ça qu’il n’y a plus rien dans mon placard “apéro”…

  2. Bonsoir Froginette ! Ben moi j’aime mieux le sauna que la plage et… le risque du bain forcé, be carefull !!!(d’abord, une froginette au bord d’un trou dans la glace, ça ferait koâ ?)
    Bisous et bon début de semaine

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