Kaunissaari Island

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A small trip on a sunny Sunday, with a small boat, on Kaunissaari Island !

leaving the main land

on the sea

The bbq place on the island

the forest on the island

The forest does not look like it, but there are HEAPS of mosquito here ! And they are huge and they are mean (they even bite on the head ! Crazy mosquitos… almost as bad as in Australia !

Froginette happy in the sun

Finland looks good in summer 🙂

So here we are, it is Summer here, 17 degrees all day long, a little bit of fresh wind, and everybody is wearing shorts and T -shirts… In Finland, you learn the difference between very cold, cold and very warm (there is no “just warm”).

17 degrees = Summer ! :-/

I tried the sun at 8:00 pm on Friday, and it was so strong that I was afraid that I got a sunburn on my face… I was just with a bit more colors !

On this sunny Sunday, I eventually got a “sun bath” and it feels great, Summer is here !!


One thought on “Kaunissaari Island

  1. Summer looks great over there!! Here we have a lot of rain still 😦
    Mozzies as bad as Ozzie, that’s bad! Try to avoid them…


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