Discovering Finland

Pour lire l’article en français, cliquez ici.

It feels a little bit depressing to write about all of that now, because the weather is pretty bad now, 15 degrees, rain, humidity, clouds… youhhhhouuu, that is a Finnish summer !!

I got a sunburn 2 weeks ago, ok, getting rid of a hangover on the beach is pretty nice, but I should not have fell asleep… got burned on my whole back and a bit on my belly :-/

Yyteri Beach

I had the opportunity to go to Hanko, the most southern town of Finland. We drove there with Irina, and found some sun !! Great idea to get out of the rainy Rauma !


I ate frying, we had beers (the list of beers was on an archos !), walked around the harbor and had a look at the boats, we met some Finnish friends of friends, we looked at the sunset in Tammisaari…

beer list !

sunset… I still love them !

We went to Helsinki after that. The day after, I had the fastest guided tour through Helsinki, it was good, at least I know where to go in case I am going there again !

I saw the parliament house, one former president of Finland (I even sat on his knees), the best breakfast place Tintin Tango, all decorated with Tintin, Milou, Captain Haddock… and a really really nice breakfast, some churches…

On the kees of the former president, I told you ! 😉

2 sphinx in front of the parliament house 🙂

Finlandia Hall

Uspenski Cathedral

The funniest thing in Helsinki and all south of Finland, is that everything is written in Finnish AND in Swedish !! Not possible to be more confused… and specially the street names !?

That is helping !! Crazy Finnish 😉


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